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TCMW Goals

27 June 2011

The unique combination of location, geography, and existing background information available in the Tobacco Creek Model Watershed (TCMW) provides a timely opportunity to collect multivariate data, replicate conditions, conduct comparative research, and demonstrate innovative agriculture-environment solutions within a variety of soil types and physiographic regions relevant to the entire Lake Winnipeg Basin – and particularly the Red River Valley, the single greatest source of nutrient loads entering Lake Winnipeg – combined with flooding challenges, and related biodiversity concerns. The TCMW offers a powerful platform for conducting the type of watershed systems research required to advance the new a vision of agricultural sustainability which many producers are seeking. Further, the proposed research will facilitate the development of a monitoring framework that will assist government policy-makers and decision-makers in designing and delivering more effective and efficient policy instruments to address pressing water quality, quantity, and biodiversity challenges issues that exist today (e.g. Lake Winnipeg nutrient loading), as well as emerging issues for the future (e.g. pesticides, pathogens, pharmaceuticals, and endocrine disruptors).

As developed through the TCMW Management and Research Plan, the TCMW Integrated Goals are focused on:

• Improving Net Farm Income and Landscape Diversity;
• Building Producer Participation and Scientific Monitoring;
• Planning for Drought, Storage, and Water Management;
• Protecting Water Quality and Riparian Areas; and
• Addressing Drainage and Fisheries Habitat Issues.

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