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TCMW Overview

27 June 2011

The Tobacco Creek Model Watershed (TCMW) is now developing to facilitate cumulative effects monitoring and agri-ecosystem sustainability research for the Red River Valley and Lake Winnipeg Basin. Tobacco Creek is a 1000 km2 subwatershed within south-central Manitoba (Figure). The TCMW is a partnership of: farmers, community members, the agriculture industry, government policy-makers and decision-makers, and scientific researchers. Beyond this, private and philanthropic funding is being secured to support the TCMW. As part of its evolution, a community meeting (involving residents, agriculture sector, and government participants) was held in the watershed to develop initial priorities. Following this, a science meeting occurred to assist in clarifying the TCMW research questions. A decision-making structure which formalizes this shared priority-setting process (a partnership between stakeholders and researchers) has been developed.

Figure: TCMW Minor Watersheds/Location


TCMW Contacts

27 June 2011

Les McEwan, Chair
Tobacco Creek Model Watershed
Box 28 Altamont, Manitoba CANADA  R0G 0A0
Tel. 1-204-744-2344
Email: mcewan_les @ (remove spaces)
Community Vision for the Future of Agriculture

Dr. David Lobb, Co-Chair
TCMW Watershed Science Advisory Ctte.
c/o University of Manitoba – Soil Science Department
276 Ellis Bldg. University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA R3T 2N2
Tel. 1-204-474-9319
Email: lobbda @ (remove spaces)

Dr. Selena Randall
Research Development Coordinator
Watershed Systems Research Program
University of Manitoba
322 Ellis Building
Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA R3T 2N2
Tel. 1-204-891-1287
Email: randall @ (remove spaces)

Dr. Henry Venema, Co-Chair
TCMW Community Partnership Mgmt. Ctte.
c/o International Institute for Sustainable Development
161 Portage Avenue East
Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA R3B 0Y4
Tel. 1-204-958-7706
Email: hvenema @ (remove spaces)

Bryan Oborne, TCMW Partner Communications
c/o Panterra Management Ltd.
Tel: 1-204-885-7308 Fax: 1-204-885-7312
Email: panterraman @ (remove spaces)
Integrated Policy and Governance Solutions for Complex
Land, Water, Wildlife, and Community Challenges